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      Established in 2021, Agroshine Indonesia is a supplier of coconut-derived commodity manufacturing products in Indonesia, Pariaman city, western Sumatra Island, at the same time, local villages trust us as representatives to market the superior products here (coconut derivative & cassava flour). Based on small businesses that the surrounding community contributes to, now we want to develop and meet the needs of the global market, of course with reference to the better quality and quantity of our products, the improvement of our workforce capabilities and the improvement of our quality, as well as competitive prices. Determined to compete in the international market, we are expanding our manufacturing operations in various parts of Indonesia (especially Java and Sumatra) while remaining consistent in quantity and quality.

      Agroshine Indonesia started this with honesty, responsibility and trust in you, for that we will prove it to anyone who comes to us. Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

Our Vision

1. To become an Indonesian exporter company that continues to grow with strengths in quantity, quality and specificity in agricultural products and innovative waste utilization products.

2. Participate and contribute to the welfare of the surrounding community, farmers, producers, suppliers and other sector lines.

Our Mission

1. Prioritizing honesty, responsibility and trust in all of our activities, both to our partners and customers.

2. Carry out responsibilities as a representative company that embraces every producer and farmer to market their products to the international realm while still promoting competitive prices.

3. Become a driving company that demonstrates agricultural product innovation and utilization of agricultural waste into high-value products

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  Building trust, honesty and openness is the beginning of a good relationship. Make sure our words and actions match


  With the production experience we have gone through, we can provide you with the best quality along with our special and competitive prices.


  Provide quality, trust and good values to our customers and the people around us.


  Each of us needs each other, with mutual trust of course our company can continue to grow and provide the best, so we trust you can count on us.

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Indonesia is one of the largest coconut producers in the world, Indonesian coconut provides a variety of needs for domestic and international coconut manufacturing products. Of course, coconut processing activities cannot be separated from coconut waste itself, one of which is coconut fiber, in some areas of Indonesia there are still many who throw away and burn coconut fibers just like that, with a lack of knowledge for the utilization of this waste, resulting in a lot of business potential and the use of natural resources just wasted. With this case, we are challenged to continue to develop and educate the added value of coconut fiber by carrying out an environmentally friendly concept, so that Indonesia is increasingly becoming a trusted country regarding coconut. Together with Agroshine Indonesia, we and you can contribute to the welfare of farmers and a better eco-friendly concept.

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